Where to put the "nodelist" file

From: Edelmiro Moman (moman_at_titus.u-strasbg.fr)
Date: Wed Jun 07 2006 - 02:45:37 CDT


I would like to run NAMD in a AMD64 Linux cluster. This is what I
learned from the manual/release notes:

The same binaries used for individual workstations as described above
can be used with charmrun to run in parallel on a workstation network.
The only difference is that you must provide a "nodelist" file listing
the machines where namd2 processes should run, for example:

  group main
  host brutus
  host romeo

The "group main" line defines the default machine list. Hosts brutus
and romeo are the two machines on which to run the simulation. Note
that charmrun may run on one of those machines, or charmrun may run
on a third machine. All machines used for a simulation must be of the
same type and have access to the same namd2 binary.

My question is, where the "nodelist" file should be located? I guess it
should be in the working directory so that one can define a different
list of nodes for each run. Is that correct? Will charmrun look for the
file automatically?



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