which binaries are best for SGI-Altix shared-memory?

From: Pawel Weronski (pawel_at_cnls.lanl.gov)
Date: Mon Jan 30 2006 - 15:25:46 CST

Hi NAMD experts,

Which binaries of the available ones on the NAMD web page are best for
SGI-Altix with shared-memory? I have used those Linux-ia64-MPT (SGI
Altix) so far. Do these binaries take full advantage of the
shared-memory? I see there are binaries for Origin2000 (Any SGI,
shared-memory only) on the same web page. Are these binaries better
optimized for shared-memory than MPI in terms of computational speed? If
so, can I use them on SGI Altix with the shared-memory?



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