RE: Re: Charmm++5.9 build on Mac OS X by IB xlc compiler

From: Jason Lee (
Date: Tue Aug 30 2005 - 18:04:43 CDT

Dear Gengbin

I have checked our xlc compiler. I use xlC_r -qstaticinline to compile the
following program, which works. But it still tells me that xlC_r
-qstaticinline doesn't work. Could you give me any suggestion?

Appreciate your help.

./build AMPI mpi-ppc-darwin gm xlc -O

#include <stdio.h>
    (void) printf("Hello World\n");
    return (0);

>From: Gengbin Zheng <>
>To: Jason Lee <>
>Subject: namd-l: Re: Charmm++5.9 build on Mac OS X by IB xlc compiler
>Date: Tue, 09 Aug 2005 11:59:15 -0500
>Hi Jason,
>You may want to check whether your xlc++_r compiler command is in your path
>and make sure the compiler is working by writing a simplest hello program:
>int main()
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>and compile it like:
>xlc++_r -qstaticinline -qnocommon -qpic hello.C
>Jason Lee wrote:
>>Hello, there,
>>I am trying to compile Charm++ on Mac OS X by using xlc compiler. However
>>I encounter a very simple problem, checking "whether C++ compiler
>>works"... "no". I have tried a lot of options. Neither of them is
>>successful. I have downloaded the latest version of charm++.
>>Command and output of one option are attached. Appreciate any suggestion.
>>./build charm++ net-ppc-darwin xlc > charm5.9_build.log &
>>Selected Compiler: xlc
>>Selected Options:
>>Creating dir: net-ppc-darwin-xlc
>>Creating dir: net-ppc-darwin-xlc/tmp
>>Copying src/scripts/Makefile to net-ppc-darwin-xlc/tmp
>>Soft-linking over bin
>>Soft-linking over lib
>>Soft-linking over lib_so
>>Soft-linking over include
>>Soft-linking over tmp
>>Generating net-ppc-darwin-xlc/tmp/
>>Generating net-ppc-darwin-xlc/tmp/conv-mach-opt.h,
>>Performing 'make charm++ OPTS=' in net-ppc-darwin-xlc/tmp
>>rm -f .gdir
>>(cd .. ; basename "`pwd`" | sed -e 's_at_-.*@@') > .gdir
>>find . -type l -exec rm {} \;
>>rm -rf QuickThreads
>>rm -rf libs
>>rm -rf ../bin ; mkdir ../bin
>>rm -rf ../lib ; mkdir ../lib
>>rm -rf ../lib_so ; mkdir ../lib_so; touch ../lib_so/.charmso
>>rm -rf ../examples
>>rm -rf ../tests
>>rm -rf ../doc ; ln -s ../doc ../doc
>>../../src/scripts/gatherflat ../../src/scripts .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/conv-core .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/conv-ldb .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/conv-ccs .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/conv-perf .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/ck-core .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/util .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/ck-perf .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/ck-ldb .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/ck-com .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/conv-com .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/langs/simplemsg .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/langs/pvmc .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/langs/bluegene .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/langs/f90charm .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/xlat-i .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/xlatcpm .
>>./gathertree ../../src/QuickThreads QuickThreads
>>./gathertree ../../src/libs libs
>>./gathertree ../../src/arch/util .
>>./gathertree ../../src/langs langs
>>./gathertree ../../src/langs/jade langs/jade
>>./gathertree ../../src/arch/common .
>>./gathertree ../../src/arch/`cat .gdir` .
>>./gatherflat ../../src/arch/`cat .vdir` .
>>./gathertree ../../examples ../examples
>>./gathertree ../../tests ../tests
>>rm -f ../bin/ ; cp ../bin/
>>chmod +x charmc
>>./system_ln ../tmp/charmc ../bin/
>>ln -s ../../java/bin charmjavabin
>>ln -s ../../java/bin ../bin/charmjavabin
>>ln -s charmjavabin/* ../bin/
>>ln -s ../java ..
>>rm -f .gdir
>>rm -rf ../include ; mkdir ../include
>>./system_ln ../tmp/conv-*.*h ../include
>>./system_ln ../tmp/cc-*.*h ../include
>>if [ ! -f conv-common.h ] ; then ( touch conv-common.h ) ; fi
>>touch dirs+sources
>>make headerlinks
>>checking machine name... net-ppc-darwin-xlc
>>set C++ compiler as: xlc++_r -qstaticinline -qnocommon -qpic
>>checking "whether C++ compiler works"... "no"
>>Cannot compile C++ programs with xlc++_r -qstaticinline -qnocommon -qpic
>>(check your charm++ version)
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