success with opteron myrinet mpi etc

From: Damon Smith (
Date: Thu Jan 13 2005 - 01:28:30 CST

Hi all,

I think I just had a win getting namd with fftw and tcl to compile on
our opteron cluster.
Basically this combination: Linux amd64(opteron) mpi gm2(myrinet)

I read an email on the list from April about TCL not working, I had the
same problem, and I found that adding:
-DUSE_NON_CONST to the TCLFLAGS var made it compile without all the
const and conversion errors. I also set it to use tcl8.4 as it was
using -ltcl8.3 in the Linux-amd64.tcl config.

Thanks for the source bundle Gengbin. Now we get to do it all again
when our Power5 cluster comes in a few weeks :)

If anyone's interested in the install notes, I've got the complete
process listed.


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