README file for JMV 0.7   

What is JMV?            See also
JMV is a molecular viewer written in Java and Java3D.
JMV is designed to be an easy-to-use, platform neutral, molecular
visualization tool, which can be used standalone or integrated into
a larger program.  JMV provides several molecular representations,
multiple coloring styles, lighting controls, and stereoscopic rendering
capabilities.  JMV loads PDB files over the web from the RCSB protein
databank, from BioCoRE filesystems, and from local filesystems.
README    - This file, manifest of files/directories etc.
applet    - Binaries of the JMV applet (if available in a given distribution).
bench     - Benchmarks of Java and Java3D performance related to what JMV does.
molecules - Example molecules, including some that should be a good
            stress test for JMV.
src       - The JMV source code.

  Please see the README file in the 'src' directory.

  Please see the README file in the 'applet' directory.

For Further Information
  Please visit the JMV web site for more information:

  JMV can be used to visualize structures within the BioCoRE 
  collaborative research environment:

  JMV is based on technologies originally developed in our
  flagship molecular visualization and analysis tool VMD:

For problems, questions, or suggestions, send e-mail to ''.

  JMV Development Team
  Theoretical Biophysics Group
  University of Illinois and Beckman Institute
  405 N. Matthews
  Urbana, IL  61801

TB Group:

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