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Access BioCoRE files from your Mac, Window, or Linux desktop

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Biomedical researchers collaborating on a project are often separated by great distances. However, their projects demand continuous sharing of computer files, whether the files be protein data files, trajectories, or written documents. BioCoRE is a web-based collaboration tool for sharing all kinds of data, co-authoring papers, running applications on remote supercomputers, sharing molecular visualization over the Internet, chatting, and keeping an on-line lab book. The newest addition to BioCoRE is the BioFS (BioCoRE File System)-- a way of sharing data that brings ubiquitous computing one step closer to reality. Employing a technology called WebDAV, the BioFS makes files stored centrally within BioCoRE directly available to researchers as if they were stored on their local computer. This provides an intuitive interface, allowing researchers to see folders and files in their native format on their computer desktop. A scientist in Boston can use Word for Windows to edit an upcoming journal article stored in the BioFS. Then a collaborator in Seattle can immediately load the same article on his Macintosh for revision, and another in Germany can complete it on her Linux laptop.