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The applications in this section are web-based tools that integrates molecular dynamics simulation and visualisation onto the internet for long distance collaboration in structural biology research.


BioCoRE is a web-based collaborative environment for structural biology which provides tools to allow collaboration between researchers down the hall or around the world. Anyone with access to the internet and a standard web browser can join BioCoRE and create or be added to research projects, and information about a particular project is shared among all members of that project. BioCoRE is accessed through a Java applet which includes instant messaging and notification of project updates. BioCoRE currently provides tools in three toolboxes. The Workbench toolbox provides access to structural biology applications such as simulation and visualization programs. The Notebook toolbox supplies a message board where users store project notes. The Conferences toolbox allows interactive text-based chats, which are also archived to the message board for future reference. Soon, the Documents toolbox will provide tools to assist in joint preparation of publications. BioCoRE is currently accessible to users through the BioCoRE server at UIUC, and a code release is planned which will allow sites to run their own servers. Because BioCoRE is web-based, updates and new features are automatically available every time the user logs in. BioCoRE is accessible at
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MICE (Molecular Interactive Collaborative Environment)

MICE project is developing new methods of collaborative, interactive visualization of complex scientific data. While most existing methods of representing scientific data are static and two-dimensional, the technologies being used and developed for MICE provide interactive, three-dimensional environments within which multiple users can examine complex data sets in real-time.
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