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mdio_Dcd_t Struct Reference

DCD trajectory file writer class. More...

#include <dcd.h>

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Public Attributes

mdio_File file
struct {
   int32   nbhead_begin
   char   title [4]
   int32   numframes
   int32   firststep
   int32   framestepcnt
   int32   numsteps
   int32   zero5 [5]
   float   timestep
   int32   iscell
   int32   zero8 [8]
   int32   charmmversion
   int32   nbhead_end
   int32   nbtitle_begin
   int32   numtitle
   char   title_str [80]
   char   create_str [80]
   int32   nbtitle_end
   int32   nbnatoms_begin
   int32   natoms
   int32   nbnatoms_end
struct {
   int32   dummy1
   int32   nbcell_begin
   double   unitcell [6]
   int32   nbcell_end
   int32   dummy2
int32 * coordbuf
float * x
float * y
float * z
int32 coordbuflen
int32 nbcell
int32 stepnum
int32 status

Detailed Description

DCD trajectory file writer class.

Members should be treated as private.

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