An old cabin, Day 3

At camp, Day 1

At the New Hance trailhead

Bert again

Bert the lizard

Blowout Day 1

Bob and Lucky at lunch, Day 1

Bob sliding

Bob, Nick, and Lucky above Unkar's

Both Lizards

Cadillac Ranch

Canyon man needs water to cook with

Chipmonk at Hermits Rest

Doe elk at Sage camp

Escalante Rapids

Fabio gets cold

Fabio resting up at Camp 2

Fabio setting up camp 3

Fabio, Song, Kirby at Oak Creek Canyon

Fat lizard

Groom, texas

Happy-face stones

Joe and Aggie's

Kirby at Yaki

Kirby at Yavapai

Kirby at slide rock

Kirby at slide rock 2

Kirby gets dunked

Kirby waiting for the right light

Lipan point from camp 3

Looking towards camp 3

Lucky and Nick at lunch, Day 1

Lucky gets dunked

Lucky sliding

Midgley Bridgley

My Favorite sunset camp 3

Nick and Rachael at Oak Creek Canyon

Nick at Yavapai

Nick gets a little cold

Nick looking at the south rim, camp 3

Oak Creek

Oak Creek Canyon

Pack off, hip belt out

Pesto's cooking

Rachael at Yavapai

Rachael at slide rock

Rachael at slide rock 2

Rachael, Fabio, and Bob above Unkar's

Rafters comming by camp 2


Relaxing at camp 3

Slide Rock

Slide train

Slide train 2

Song sliding

Sunrise at Hopi

Sunset 3 camp 3

Sunset Day 2

Sunset at Yavapai

Sunset at Yavapai 2

Sunset at Yavapai 3

Sunset at Yavapai 4

Sunset at Yavapai 5

Sunset camp 3

Taking a break, Day 3

Texan Sunset

The gang a Mather

The guys, camp 3

Unkar Rapids

View east, Camp 1

Vulture, evening 3

Yaki point from Mather

Yavapai point from Mather

north v south rim

skinny lizard

sunset 2 camp 3

view from red butte

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