I am no longer at the TCBG. If you need to contact me, I keep a website with my updated information. It is a bit lame now, but hopefully I will improve it over time.


Ph.D. in Biophysics and Computational Biology (2010), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois-USA
B.Sc. in Chemistry (1999) and Applied Mathematics (2000), Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima-Perú.

Research Interest

transport droplet pet
Silica nanopores Parametrization of amorphous silica Polymeric nanopores


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Before joining TCBG:

Dynamic influences on a high-affinity, high-specificity interaction involving the C-terminal SH3 domain of p67phox. Dutta K, Shi HH, Cruz-Chu ER, Kami K and Ghose R. Biochemistry, 43:8094-8106, 2004.

Reversal of negative charges on the surface of Escherichia coli thioredoxin: pockets versus protrusions. Mancusso R, Cruz E, Cataldi M, Mendoza C, Fuchs J, Wang H, Yang X, Tasayco ML. Biochemistry , 43:3835-3843, 2004.