Robert's McDonald's Monopoly Game Piece Pages

These are my game piece pages for past and current McDonalds Monopoly contests.

I DO NOT CARE TO TRADE PIECES. The time and postage aren't worth it.

As featured on CNN, 21 August, 2001

You'll notice that the page for 2001 is empty. That's because I don't go to McDonald's nearly as much now that they've moved their Green Street, Champaign restaurant to the Illini Union. It's much less convenient there, and I'm still bitter about it...

Also, I can't go to the McDonald's on Kirby and Neil, Champaign, because a couple of years ago, they refused me service at the drive-through on my bicycle. They claimed it was dangerous to have bicyclists in the drive-through. Maybe that's nationwide policy but it has only happened to me there, so I'm blaming that particular restaurant.

Tom Magliery has a list of other McDonald's game piece pages.

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