Following her undergraduate training in Chemistry, Jodi completed her doctoral work in Computational Chemistry in the laboratory of Robert J. Woods, where the widely used GLYCAM force field for carbohydrates is developed. In the Woods group, Jodi gained extensive exposure to force field parameterization and a rare specialization in the modeling and molecular dynamics simulation of carbohydrates, glycoproteins, and protein-carbohydrate complexes. During her postdoctoral phase in the laboratory of Klaus Schulten, Jodi has broadened her expertise to include large-scale MD simulations of biomedically-relevant proteins and multimeric protein complexes, focusing on the dynamical properties of molecular machines. Jodi's current research projects include study of the effects of small-molecule drugs on the dynamic structure of the Hepatitis B virus capsid and the mechanism and mechanical properties of the cytoplasmic dynein motor domain. While part of the Schulten group, Jodi is also taking the opportunity to work closely with the developers of NAMD and VMD to expand support for carbohydrate force fields and visualization schemes in these widely used software packages.
Jodi Hadden


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