Giuseppe Licari has been trained as a chemist and has acquired extensive experience in computational, organic and physical chemistry. After an undergraduate thesis at the University of Palermo focused on the synthesis of antibiotics analogues, he merged his passion for organic and computational chemistry by performing a Master's thesis in the design and synthesis of Linezolid-like antibiotic molecules. After two international internships in Germany and England, he joined the ultrafast photochemistry lab of Prof. E. Vauthey, University of Geneva, where he was responsible for the maintenance and development of a Second Harmonic Generation setup. While earning his PhD, he continuously supported his experimental activities with calculations using Density Functional Theory. During an international research stay in Prague with Prof. P. Jungwirth and Dr. L. Cwiklik, he recognized the power and beauty of Molecular Dynamics simulations and dedicated his postdoctoral activities to this field. Giuseppe joined the TCB group in 2018 and has worked on several challenging topics in biophysics. In addition to developing VMD plugins, he investigates transmembrane proteins, mechanosensitive probes and intrinsically disordered proteins. Giuseppe collaborates actively with many groups to provide a better understanding of their experimental results using the "computational microscope" provided by the TCB group.
Giuseppe Licari


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