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The `NewCartoon' representation is a variation of the original `Cartoon' combined with the `NewRibbons' representation look and features. The main difference between the original `Cartoon' representation and `NewCartoon' is that helices are left in a ribbon representation which follows curved structures much more accurately than the straight cylinders used in the original `Cartoon' did.

The Aspect Ratio parameter controls the width of the ribbon relative to the thickness value, as a multiplicative factor. An aspect ratio of 1.0 yields a Tube-like representation. The Resolution parameter controls the degree to which the ribbon surface is tesselated with triangles. Higher settings yield nicer looking images at the expense of interactive rendering performance. Points can be interpolated with either a Catmull Rom or B-Spline by changing the value of Spline Style. Note that the B-Spline does not always pass through the C$ {}_\alpha$ positions, as it is a smoother spline.