Rotation Movie Maker 1.0

REQUIREMENTS: VMD Version 1.0 or greater, and the ImageMagick 
              program 'convert'.

	Type 'make_rotation_animated_gif' to generate a sequence of 18 RGB 
	snapshots of the VMD Display.  Each snapshot will be taken after a
	rotation of your molecule by 20 degrees about the y axis. Afterward,
	the SGI program "convert" will be called to generate an animated
	gif of these images. This animated gif, which will be called 
	"movie.gif", can then be viewed with web browsers such as Netscape
	and Mosaic.  As a final step, the 18 RGB files will be deleted
	in order to keep things tidy.  This is a good example of how to
	make a simple movie of your molecular system.  If you would like
	to include more or fewer frames, or change the axis of rotation,
	you can alter obvious parameters within the body of the procedure.
	To make things quick on the world wide web, you will probably want
	to make the VMD Display small before running this script.  For 
	instance, a good size is shown below.

	make_rotation_animated_gif - rotates about the y axis 20 degrees
        at a time, taking snapshots

	To rotate the present molecule and make an animated gif of this rotation

	Rotation of a monomer of the LH-II ring complex.


	Andrew Dalke (