--- vmd /msvc/inst-nsis ---

Filename: vmd-win64-nsis.nsi
Revision 1.1johns 2020/12/18 16:35:52None
Added x64 installation script based on V5 of VMD 1.9.4a50 installer build.
The installer scripts are re-generated using the "HM NIS Edit" 2.x,
followed by hand-patching the installer code to add/delete VMD registry
keys and deal with x64-specific installer steps and Administrative
privilege level setting. Ideally some of this would be done with macros
or some sort of script template, but these steps have to be inserted
deep into installer subsections making it an annoying manual editing
process at present. This script can be used as a point of reference to
recover the manual hand editing by carefully diffing a freshly generated
installer script with the previous version. It may eventually be possible
to automate this completely by writing an installer generation script or
by devising pathes that apply relative to subsection starting points
that the "patch" utility has a hope of recognizing automatically.

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