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Yep, it was activated by QwikMD, thanks for help.

One more question, how do I get MOPAC to use GPUs for the QM region in the QMMM, and can ORCA use GPUs now for its QM region? Thanks!

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Hi Kelly,

NAMD offers the user the ability to run a second executable after each QM calculation. This is used when there is a need to post-process the raw QM output at each simulation step, instead of just using the gradients and partial charges used in "regular" QM/MM simulations.

Your QwikMD setup must have accidentally set the "qmSecProc" keyword, so all you need to do is remove it from your NAMD config files.


On Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 3:42 PM Mcguire, Kelly <<>> wrote:
I am running a test system using QwikMD to setup a quick QMMM with MOPAC. MOPAC is installed correctly and works fine. I run my QMMM using NAMD 2.14 (non-CUDA) and it seems to run the QM part fine. I get a qmmm_0.input.out and there are no errors. But on the NAMD side, my log file gives the error:

FATAL ERROR: Error running second command for QM calculation

What second command is this referring to?

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