CUDA error cudaCreateTextureObject

Date: Thu Jul 28 2022 - 23:36:48 CDT


Using the latest version (devel branch in gitlab) of NAMD 3, there was a probability of getting the following errors for any job:

FATAL ERROR: CUDA error cudaCreateTextureObject(&(gridTexObjArrays[iGrid]), &resDesc, &texDesc, NULL) in file src/CudaPmeSolverUtil.C, function CudaPmeOneDevice, line 1386
 on Pe 1 (c21-Elune device 0 pci 0:3b:0): invalid argument

Usually resubmiting the job can fix the error. However, an FEP calculation runs many jobs (for different windows) sequencially and this error prevent NAMD from completing an FEP calculation.

Any help would be much approciated.


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