Re: Protein:ligand standard binding free energies

From: Abhijit Gogoi (
Date: Fri Dec 13 2019 - 10:51:27 CST

Dear Mo,
If you want to learn something start with the very basic. For your case,
you should start with the basic tutorial of NAMD/VMD. The tutorial you
mention seems to be an advanced one that needs some prerequisites I guess.
So, my humble advice to you, start with the basics and be patient.

Most importantly if you want to learn something have respect for those who
put so much effort to make the life of others simpler. It is not unusual to
be frustrated at times but better be apologetic to the person from which
you want to learn something.

It is really unfortunate that you posted these unconstructive views on this
platform which is meant to discuss only academic constructional views.

Best wishes brother. All good things take some time. Just be patient.

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