on-the-fly parameter introspection

From: Brian Radak (brian.radak.accts_at_gmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 05 2015 - 13:54:51 CST

I'm a little confused by the manual regarding parameter introspection
via Tcl scripting.
 From p 17:

    Configuration file parameter introspection is supported by invoking
    a (case-insensitive) pa-
    rameter keyword with no argument (e.g., “numsteps”) and by the
    helper commands “isset”
    and “istrue”. Note that keywords are not parsed until the first
    “run” command, and before
    this values are treated as unformatted strings, so for example
    “eFieldOn” and “eField” may
    return “yes” and “1 2 3” before the first “run” command, but “1” and
    “1.0 2.0 3.0” after
    parsing (“istrue eFieldOn” would return “1” in both cases).
    Similarly, “isset badparam” will
    return “0” before parsing but raise an “unknown parameter” error after.

Can I use this to query the setting of a parameter? As part of a script
I'd like to check the value of outputEnergies and stepspercycle.
Obviously these do not behave like normal Tcl variables, but I'd like
them to.


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