about compiling NAMD using intel icc and impi

From: XSC (xueshichuan11_at_163.com)
Date: Fri Jan 23 2015 - 04:00:29 CST

Dear all
           I am new to NAMD and recently I had to build it on my laptop.
           My experimental environment is like these:
                    OS-- Centos 6.5 minimal
            and my NAMD source code is the latest one.
            As the note implies , I first build charm++ 6.6.1 and error happened:
            my command is : ./build charm++ mpi-linux-x86_64 icc ifort -j16 --with-production
            and error is :
            checking whether build on MPI: no
            error: cannot build a MPI program
            gmake[1]: ***[conv-autoconfig.h] error1
and i checked the charmconfig.out which showed:
            catastrophic error: cannot open source file "mpi.h" "intrinsics.h"

             I don't know how to go on and need your help indeed,
            Thanks all in advance.
best regards.

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