autopsf (patch)

From: Cenk Denktas (
Date: Tue Jul 15 2014 - 12:41:48 CDT

dear users NAMD

I want to do patch with autopsf on VMD. I want to add ACE to the edge of my
peptid but I cant add NME to the end of my peptid. The steps that I have

1. step : to click on the load input file
2. step: to click on guess and split chain
3. step : to click on create chains
4. step: to click on add patch

  patch type: ACE
  segment 1: P1
   residu1: 1

afterwards I do add patch. It adds ACE . When I do the same,it does not add
NME. I am wondering where I make mistake.

Thanks for your attention in advance.

best regards

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