Call for participation: ISQBP Meeting, Telluride 15-19.06.2014

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Date: Mon Mar 10 2014 - 11:38:09 CDT

Howdy all and Call for Participation!

The ISQBP President's meeting "Challenges and celebrations of biomolecular simulation" is being held from Sunday evening June 15 through the later evening of Wednesday June 18. There will be a large poster session for presentations by attendees and we plan on selecting a number of these for oral presentation. We are currently planning on ~20+ invited presentations with ~16+ oral presentations from abstracts for posters submitted. The registration includes a number of breakfasts, lunches, dinner and receptions and telluride is a beautiful town to visit. Please consider attending and registering quickly as Telluride is a very popular tourist spot at this time of the year.

This is especially true this week since at the end of this week is the Blue Grass festival in Telluride, so rooms are filling up fast. If planning on choosing the hotel option, note that Camel's Garden and New Sheridan are likely full; better to choose Hotel Madeline or Hotel Telluride. Rooms in Mountain Village rarely sell out, however they are a (pretty and free) ~20 minute gondola ride from town (where the meeting is held in the nice and open Palm Theatre). The condo option is cheapest, however these are also filling up fast...

For attendee's and invited speakers:

For student's and postdoc (reduced registration for first 40 people who register and also submit an abstract for a poster

For cheaper housing opportunities in Condo's act quickly; if having trouble, contact Rory at TSRC<>. Note that as mentioned, among the poster submissions, we plan on picking ~16+ abstracts for oral presentation in a short talk!

For travel options, easiest/most expensive is likely a plane to Telluride (using originating in Denver). Best compromise in ease/cost, plane to Montrose, CO. (MTJ) and then take a shuttle or rent a car. Cheapest, but slightly longer timewise is a flight to Salt Lake City, UT (SLC) or Denver, CO. (DEN) followed by ~6 hour very beautiful drive.

Thanks much! --

For Tom Cheatham, the president of ISQBP (

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