AW: running NAMD on Amazon EC2?

From: Norman Geist (
Date: Thu Feb 14 2013 - 01:30:58 CST



Just for my interest, wouldn't it be more comfortable to spend the money in
some own hardware, where you can have physical access? Distributing
computations to any cloud network sounds unreliable and complicated.
Additionally, why not get an account for a high performance computing
centre? This AWS stuff don't seem to be meant for "long time full load"


But 1st of all, what are you going to do with namd. How big will your
systems be. If we know some detail, we can better advice you. Maybe some
local GPUs will do the job for you.


Norman Geist.


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Dear all,


Does anyone have experience running NAMD on Amazon web service? I created an
Amazon machine image for NAMD on single node setting (you can locate it by
searching for namd in AWS public ami) , but it'd be nice to learn how to run
NAMD jobs on a cluster setting on AWS. So if anyone has relevant experience
or interests and would like to share, let's have a discussion.


Jaycee Chan

Research Scientist at UW

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