grcarma : a graphical user interface to carma

From: Nicholas M Glykos (
Date: Wed Apr 17 2013 - 09:33:24 CDT

Dear All,

Panagiotis Koukos wrote (after a great deal of suffering ;-)
a graphical user interface for carma, called 'grcarma'. The
interface follows the paradigm of automated pipelines. For
example, doing dPCA or cPCA will run carma several times in
order to extract the clusters, prepare PDB files with the
average and representative structures for each cluster, plus a
superposition of 500 structures from the cluster. Or for
another example, running the 'secondary structure' task will
not only run stride, but will also prepare a graphical
representation of the results plus a weblogo representation.

We believe that the interface is lean, minimal and functional
while allowing complicated analyses to be performed easily
(but do note that we are probably biased on this matter).
A screenshot of the main grcarma window (plus some of the
supported analyses) is available via


The program is written in Perl/Tk, but to save you from
installing all sorts of modules, we have prepared ready-to-go
executables for GNU/Linux, MacOSX and windoze. For things to
go smoothly you'll also need the carma executables distributed
together with grcarma. These grcarma+carma executables,
together with instructions for installing them are available


or -if you feel confident that you can guess what you need to do
in order to install them- you can get them directly from

We would be grateful if you would decide to test grcarma.
Please forward all correspondence concerning the program to
the carma mailing list at

All the best,

            Nicholas M. Glykos, Department of Molecular Biology
     and Genetics, Democritus University of Thrace, University Campus,
  Dragana, 68100 Alexandroupolis, Greece, Tel/Fax (office) +302551030620,
    Ext.77620, Tel (lab) +302551030615,

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