file for fixed atoms is not found! - but the file exist actually

From: Sridhar Kumar Kannam (
Date: Thu Apr 04 2013 - 21:33:52 CDT

Dear NAMD users,

I am using memory optimized NAMD version as my system has several million
I followed the instruction on this page -
 and did everything fine.

With the compressed psf file and, binary coordinate file the simulations
are running fine.

But when I include a fixedatoms.pdb file in the configuration file I am
getting the error - FATAL ERROR: The text input file for fixed atoms is
not found!
But the fixed atoms file is there in the directory.

When we use memory optimized version, is anything should be changed
regarding the fixedatoms file ?

Thanks for any suggestion ....

Cheers !!!
Sridhar  Kumar Kannam :)

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