remd run command question

From: Martin, Erik W (
Date: Mon Mar 04 2013 - 12:59:56 CST

Could someone answer this (what I assume) is a really easy question for me?

I was testing a REMD on a new build of namd this morning. I just wanted to test the system so just was running the tutorial verbatim. I was using the command:

mpirun –np 8 namd2 +replicas 8 job0.conf +stout output/%d/job0.%d.log

Could someone explain the option:
"+stout output/%d/job0.%d.log"

Presumably it writes standard out to the designated log file? However, it doesn't seem to show up while the program is running. I've always just used $> log before and am a little confused.


PS. I searched and can't really find anything. Is there a list somewhere of all the arguments that namd accepts so that I can just look there in the future instead of asking the list?

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