Re: Re: psfgen and CHARMM19 explicit exclusions

From: Andrey (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2012 - 22:48:29 CDT

If this list is not the best place to ask such questions, please direct
me to the right place.

I really want to know what is the best way to distribute version to
psfgen, patched for use with particular piece of software?
The modifications are minimal.
Should I include just the patch file and link to UIUC site, or can I
distribute the complete patched source?

Thanks in advance,
Andrey Alekseenko
On 09/17/2012 11:38 PM, Andrey wrote:
> Okay, no one seems interested in this.
> Then I have the following question:
> Is such patched version considered a "derivative work", or is it still 
> considered the same software? The license agreement is not clear on 
> definitions.
> What is the best way to include modified 'psfgen' as part of our own 
> software distribution? The modifications include stripping away 
> everything besides 'psfgen/' directory, making changes to psfgen 
> source code for correct handling of CHARMM19 explicit exclusions and 
> writing custom Makefile.

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