GPU workstation build

From: Blake Mertz (
Date: Mon Aug 20 2012 - 10:41:13 CDT


I'm in the process of putting together a GPU workstation based off of
a Tyan S8232GM4NR motherboard -- it's a dual-socket AMD G34, with 4
PCI-e Gen2.0 slots that are spec'd to run at 16x
My two biggest concerns are:

1) the bandwidth on my motherboard with respect to the GPUs, and

2) which commercial Nvidia GPUs I should go with.

>From what I can tell by Axel Kohlmeyer's response to Matt Roark's
inquiry (,
you have to look out for motherboards with integrated "PCIe bridges",
which I haven't been able to confirm on the S8232, either in the
manual or from looking online. Does anyone have experience using this
board for namd?

Also, I noticed Francesco Pietra has done some testing with GTX 680s
(which is what I happened to initially purchase), but I haven't seen
much else on namd-l discussing these cards. Has anyone else had a
chance to compare the 680 performance over the 580s? I've had a hard
time judging the advantages of the new Kepler architecture over Fermi,
especially in context of namd performance. Thanks for any help you can


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