Workshop for Computational Chemistry & Physics

Date: Wed Jun 20 2012 - 15:17:27 CDT

Hey NAMD Users

Recently, I posted a message about a summer 2013 workshop at the Aspen Center for
Physics that two professors at Colorado State University and myself are
developing. The
 title of this workshop is Non-Bonded Bio-Molecular Interactions. This
workshop will focus on efficient computational approaches to enhance our
 understanding of these interactions. I have attached a more detailed
description of the goals for this workshop.

 are currently looking for 10 more Ph.D. scientists
(chemistry/physics/mathematics) that would be interested in
attending the workshop. We have already found 30 scientists that have
shown an interest with very exciting work projects - e.g., protein
folding and unfolding, new force field development, ion transport
through membranes, self assembly of particles, hydrogen production from
water, hydrogen and halogen bonding,viral and cancer disease
treatments. So if you are interested or know of others that might be
interested, please contact me by June 29, 2012.


MPr&d, LLC

By Mark A. Plummer, Manager


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