Workshop In Aspen Colorado - Molecular Physics of Non-Bonded Biomolecular Interactions

Date: Mon Jun 04 2012 - 15:06:18 CDT

To All NAMD Users

The following advertisement describes a workshop opportunity to directly communicate with others interested in computational methods to understand biomolecular interactions while working on an individual project. The workshop will occur in the beautiful mountain setting of Aspen Colorado during the summer of 2013 and during the world famous Aspen Music Festival.

Announcement of a Workshop at the Aspen Center For

“Molecular Physics of Non-Bonded Biomolecular

Summer 2013


A proposal will be submitted to
the Aspen Center for Physics (ACP) in Aspen Colorado to sponsor a three week
workshop focusing on efficient computational approaches to enhance the
understanding of non-bonded interactions in biological systems and assemblies. The workshop will occur sometime during the
last two weeks of June through the end of July of 2013 depending on space
availability. The purpose of this
advertising statement is to find 40 Ph.D. scientists that may have interest in
such a workshop. However, no commitment
is required at this time. If the
workshop is accepted, ACP will notify interested parties and put out a general
invitation and application on their web site.

The purpose of the ACP is to
provide an enriching and non-interrupted atmosphere for each person to work on
an individual project while having time to exchange ideas with other attendees. The workshop is partially funded by the
National Science Foundation through significant reductions in housing
costs. There are no experimental
facilities at ACP so all projects are computational in nature. More information on the goals and costs of
attending the workshop can be found on the ACP web site –

Formal presentations on
individual work are not required. However,
short presentations are encouraged at the beginning of the workshop for
introductions as to the expertise of each attendee.


The workshop is being organized
by the following people who have interests, respectively, in modeling of
protein folding, macromolecular structure through halogen bonds and force field

      Dr Mark Plummer – MPr&d,

      Dr. Shing Ho – Dept.
Biochemistry Colorado State University –

      Dr. Anthony Rappe – Dept.
Chemistry Colorado State University –


Please contact one of the above by June 29,
2012 to express an interest and a possible area of study.


MPr&d, LLC

By Mark A. Plummer, Manager


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