Martini parameter files

From: Chiara Cosenza unina (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2012 - 04:45:18 CDT

Dear Namd users
I would know if there are any differences between the parameters
provided in the file "rbcg-2007.par" ( a charmm formatted version of the
coarse grain potential
!described in Marrink et al., JPCB 2004:108, 750-760) and parameters
provided in the folder "martini-par" of the tutorial "Residue Based
Coarse Grained using Martini Force Field in Namd".
Best regards,

Chiara Cosenza
  PhD student
  University of Naples "Federico II"
  IIT_at_CRIB - Center for Advanced Biomaterials for Healthcare
  P.le Tecchio 80,80125
  m. +39 3383459467

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