Question about GPUs hardware.

From: Cesar Millan (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2012 - 17:32:01 CDT

Hi everyone,

I hope not to be repetitive with this question.

Our group wants to buy some workstations with GPUs to do MD simulations of
proteins (generate and analyze the results). We have a discussion about
which GPUs (with the appropriate hardware to make the run fine) we must buy
(our budget is around 40k dllrs). We plan to use that workstations on a
office (around 12 m2) cooled with air conditioning .

One option that we have is to buy tesla cards but they are expensive, and
the other one is to buy GTX cards (less expensive). Unfortunately, we do
not have access to this GPUs to test how well our systems run on both cards--90e6ba309a5e5abfa004be6037b0--

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