Galilean Invariant Thermostat

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If one uses a non-galilean invariant thermostat, does the velocities of the particles change randomly? How will it affect the diffusion coefficient?

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Namd can do this, but you should be careful of which thermostat you
use. The Langevin thermostat is not Galilean invariant, so you should
not use it when doing SMD. To get around this you should use the
Lowe-Andersen thermostat which is Galilean invariant. In practice I've
also found that NVT to give more reliable results than NPT.


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On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 11:20 AM, Wang Yi <> wrote:
> There are instructions on how to do SMD in NAMD, using either the
> configuration file or the latest ColVar technique.
> You can find them in the NAMD manual online.
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> Hello All,
> I wanted to know about SMD simulation using NPT ensemble...
> NAMD has this freedom or not... any suggested article would be off great
> help.
> Thank You all
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