Compiling NAMD on NICS Kraken

From: Alexander Predeus (
Date: Thu Mar 08 2012 - 22:39:05 CST

Hello all,

after the software upgrade on NICS Kraken (which happened on March 7th,
2012), it was recommended for everybody to re-compile their code.

One issue is, csh/tcsh generate "Unknown colorls variable `rs'." error, so
'config' script failed to work. But this can be avoided by using a
different csh version of your own.

Real problem is, gcc/4.5.2 is no longer available. I've tried the new
default (4.6.2) and 4.5.3, but both fail at final linking stage.

Does anybody know what is the problem there?

Thank you in advance!

- Alex Predeus,
Michigan State University

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