TAU profiler with NAMD2.9 smp mode

From: Takuro Udagawa (udagawa.t.aa_at_m.titech.ac.jp)
Date: Tue Dec 11 2012 - 07:44:44 CST

Dear All,

I want to use TAU with NAMD2.9 smp mode.
Though I read http://www.nic.uoregon.edu/tau-wiki/Guide:NAMDTAU and was
able to pass build and make, NAMD failed during startup.
Does anyone have any idea about the issue?
My configurations and error are as follows:

TAU install

    ./configure -cuda=/opt/cuda/4.1 -mpi
    -mpilib=/usr/apps/openmpi/1.4.2/gcc/lib -pdt=$HOME/TAU/pdtoolkit-3.18.1
    make install

Charm++ build in NAMD_2.9_Source/charm-6.4.0 directory.

    ./build charm++ mpi-linux-x86_64 mpicxx smp -j16 -g -O0

Tau build in NAMD_2.9_Source/charm-6.4.0 directory.

    ./build Tau mpi-linux-x86_64 mpicxx smp -j16

NAMD configure in NAMD_2.9_Source direcotry

    ./config Linux-x86_64-g++ --charm-arch mpi-linux-x86_64-smp-mpicxx
    --with-cuda --cuda-prefix /opt/cuda/4.1

And edit arch/Linux-x86_64-g++.arch adding

    CHARMOPTS = -tracemode Tau

Then make NAMD

    cd Linux-x86_64-g++

Finally run NAMD like

    charmrun tau_exec -T mpi,cupti,pdt -cupti namd2 +p12 +ppn11
    +isomalloc_sync +idlepoll +devices 0 apoa1.namd > output.dat

Then NAMD failed during startup.
The log file was as follows:

    Running on 1 processors: tau_exec -T mpi,cupti,pdt -cupti namd2 +ppn
    11 +isomalloc_sync +idlepoll +devices 0 apoa1.namd
    mpirun -np 1 -machinefile /var/spool/PBS/aux/428066.t2zpbs05
    tau_exec -T mpi,cupti,pdt -cupti namd2 +ppn 11 +isomalloc_sync
    +idlepoll +devices 0 apoa1.namd
    Charm++> Running on MPI version: 2.1
    Charm++> level of thread support used: MPI_THREAD_SINGLE (desired:
    Charm++> Running on SMP mode, 11 worker threads per process
    Charm++> The comm. thread both sends and receives messages
    Converse/Charm++ Commit ID: v6.4.0-beta1-0-g5776d21
    Warning> Randomization of stack pointer is turned on in kernel.
    [1] Stack Traceback:
    [1:0] +0x329e0 [0x2b819be669e0]
    [1:1] _Z21TauProfiler_PurgeDatai+0x17d [0xddc77d]
    [1:2] _ZN8TraceTau10traceBeginEv+0x1f [0xc8eb9b]
    [1:3] _ZN10TraceArray10traceBeginEv+0xa5 [0xb5eebf]
    [1:4] traceBegin+0xbc [0xb5ef94]
    [1:5] [0xb6060f]
    [1:6] traceInit+0x15 [0xb6062d]
    [1:7] ConverseCommonInit+0x473 [0xc4c11b]
    [1:8] [0xc41ad9]
    [1:9] [0xc40326]
    [1:10] +0x75f0 [0x2b81994645f0]
    [1:11] clone+0x6d [0x2b819bf0887d

Sincerely yours,

Takuro Udagawa

Department of Computer Science
Tokyo Institute of Technology

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