Re: an error when merge pdb and psf files in vmd for big model

From: Chris Harrison (
Date: Sun Sep 09 2012 - 09:16:28 CDT


At 2M atoms, this is most likely happening b/c pdb is a column-delimited
format file. The atom index field runs out of columns.

If you are experiencing problems with 2M atom pdb/psf pairs in namd
(but at 2M atoms, you should still be ok ...) then you could use instead
the js file format.


farzad kiani <> writes:
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> Subject: namd-l: an error when merge pdb and psf files in vmd for big model
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> Hi
> I have made a big model. 2000000 atoms in five parts
> I want to merge psf and pdb files. when using merge structures icons in VMD I got an error. in text files for pdb and psf, printed ****** instead atom no.
> can any one help me?
> Thanks a lot
> Kiani 


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