Re: how can i demonstrate that a chain-like molecule within a membrane.

From: Chris Chipot (
Date: Wed Feb 15 2012 - 07:27:44 CST

Dear Liu Peng,

it is a pity that you send your questions to the NAMD list when you have
friends and colleagues, who could advise you.

What kind of chain is this? How long is it? What type of lipids are you


On 2/15/12 7:19 AM, superdirac wrote:
> Dear All.
> Hi.
> I study a system, a flexible chain-like molecule inserted in a
> membrane. I want to get a stable conformation of the chain-like
> molecule within the membrane. In order to get the stable conformation,
> a 200 ns simulation has been performed to equilibriate the sytem. Now,
> how can i demonstrate that the gotten structure is stable?
> Best wishes.
> Peng Liu

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