From: Marcel UJI (IMAP) (arzo_at_uji.es)
Date: Mon Feb 13 2012 - 05:21:18 CST

Hi all,

We have the opportunity to buy workstation in our project and decided to
acquire a Tesla M2075 to complement a 2CPU quadcore Xeon Westmere E5620.
However a later offer suggested that it would be better instead a single
CPU quadcore Xeon Westmere E5620 combined with 2GPU Tesla M2075, as it
would give more speed for our NAMD based simulations (they have similar
price, just below our limited budget). Both have 12GB of RAM memory.

Does anyone in the list have expertise on these issues and could give us
advise on what would be better? From my limited experience, it seems to
me that the second is far better idea, but I'm not sure if there could
be a bottleneck or something like that in this configuration.

Thank you for your suggestions


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