Re: selection of cholesterol molecules

From: Chris Harrison (
Date: Wed Nov 02 2011 - 00:06:35 CDT

At present you can't (as far as I know). However you can use the below
function to find the center of mass and perhaps select the atom closest to that
set of coordinates.

  proc center_of_mass {selection} {
          # some error checking
          if {[$selection num] <= 0} {
                  error "center_of_mass: needs a selection with atoms"
          # set the center of mass to 0
          set com [veczero]
          # set the total mass to 0
          set mass 0
          # [$selection get {x y z}] returns the coordinates {x y z}
          # [$selection get {mass}] returns the masses
          # so the following says "for each pair of {coordinates} and masses,
    # do the computation ..."
          foreach coord [$selection get {x y z}] m [$selection get mass] {
             # sum of the masses
             set mass [expr $mass + $m]
             # sum up the product of mass and coordinate
             set com [vecadd $com [vecscale $m $coord]]
          # and scale by the inverse of the number of atoms
          if {$mass == 0} {
                  error "center_of_mass: total mass is zero"
          # The "1.0" can't be "1", since otherwise integer division is done
          return [vecscale [expr 1.0/$mass] $com]


PS - please don't cross post on the mailing lists. Since the radial distribution tool is a VMD plugin, post to the vmd-l list. Thanks.

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Swarna M Patra <> writes:
> Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2011 10:24:06 +0530
> From: Swarna M Patra <>
> To:,
> Subject: namd-l: selection of cholesterol molecules
> Dear NAMD/VMD users,
> I am trying to calculate the radial distribution of cholesterol molecules
> around a particular helix . For that I am using the Radial distribution
> given in VMD. for the 1st selection I give "protein and resid 1 to 50" and
> for 2nd selection I give "resname CHL1" that is cholesterol molecule. which
> actually takes each atom of cholesterol and try to see if it is there or
> not. How can I give the 2nd selection to take Center of mass of cholesterol
> molecule not center of mass of each atom.
> please give me some suggestions
> thanks
> swarna

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