coloring method in VMD

From: lam nguyen (
Date: Thu Oct 20 2011 - 18:19:14 CDT

Hi all,

In the graphical representation I use lines as the drawing method. In my
system I name different segments (segname) as EVE, ODD and NEW. I want to
use different colors for these categories so I can tell which bond
(appearing as a line) belongs to which segment category. I also have bonds
between atoms of different segments and want to color them differently from
bonds on the same segments.

For example, I have two segments of segname NEW. One has atoms A1, A2,...
and the other has B1, B2, ... I color bonds between A's and bonds between
B's as blue. And I want bonds between A's and B's as red. If there are few
segments of segname NEW I can just create one representation for the whole
system as red, then overlap it by a set of representations in blue - one for
each segment. However there are quite many of such segments. If I use only
one representation for all segments of segname NEW, the bonds between A's
and B's will appear as blue. Is there any method I can use without creating
lots of representations?



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