Re: formyl and ethanolamide parameters and topology

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Date: Thu Jun 23 2011 - 12:08:58 CDT


I normally use the following protocol:

1) Search for your molecule at Pubchem and copy the SMILES format of it.

2) Go to the Zinc database ( and use the SMILES format to search and download the *.mol2 version of the molecule.

   Alternatively uou may use Quimera software to generate Hydrogens and save as *.mol2 from a simple *.pdb file.

3) Then, go to the Swiss Param ( and use the *.mol2 file to generate parameters and topology of interest.

OBS: Note that inside of the topology file the name of the residue will be LIG, independently of the molecule, and you must change it before use.
I hope it can help.

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> Subject: namd-l: formyl and ethanolamide parameters and topology
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> Hi all,
> I have looking for the formyl and ethanolamide parameters
> and topology
> which have been used in one of the tutorial in the
> simulation of
> gramacidin but I have not been able to locate these?
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,

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