Paratool`s error reading single point calculation.

From: Ranyere Deyler (
Date: Sat Feb 26 2011 - 00:50:59 CST

Dear NAMD users. I've searched on the mail list and i've found two peopple
with the same problem, but the other times no one answeared.

What happens is that i run on Gaussian the Hessian/Charges "Single Point
calculation". Then i get the log file and load it on paratool. But when i do
that, comes the errors:

"couldn`t read internal coordinate table'' and

"could not load pdb file TEST_FINAL.log"

It loads correctly the first file, the "gaussian geometry optimization" ,
but the second one, the Hessian/charges single point calculation it never
So, i'm stuck here, i'm not the first one the present this problem that
until now it has not been solved.

Does anyone knows how to fix this? I don't know what to do, tryed
everything, but it never loads the Hessian file.

Thanks everyone.

Ranyere Deyler Trindade

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