Re: namd log file

From: Jian Liu (
Date: Fri Oct 07 2011 - 19:14:39 CDT

Hi Dear
An available tool (command) namedgrep is just do what you want.
usage : grep PRESSURE foo.log,
and you can also write it to a file, grep PRESSURE foo.log > pressure.log

Another tool,awk, is more power dealing with text processing.

May This can help you

¡¡ Jian Liu
¡¡ PhD Candidate in SInAP,Chin Ac Sci
¡¡ Jian Liu
¡¡ PhD Candidate in SInAP,Chin Ac Sci
At 2011-10-07 20:20:02,"Namd Namd" <> wrote:
Dear All,
I added outputPressure command into the conf file to get the stress tensor elements ( PXX PXY PXZ PYX PYY PYZ PZX PZY PZZ ). Now How can I extract these data from namd log file and save it as a text file for analysis ?
Thanks for your help
Best regards

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