Fwd: nvidia 275.09.07 driver. SOLVED, NO DRIVER PROBLEM

From: Francesco Pietra (chiendarret_at_gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jun 30 2011 - 14:49:56 CDT

Probably identified the origin of the problems. Nothing to do with the
drive. One of the RAM sockets is defective (the clips have no spring).
On connecting the two clips with an elastic band, problems
disappeared, at least during half a day work. I have asked for
replacement of the mainboard under guarantee.
francesco pietra

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From: Francesco Pietra <chiendarret_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 10:24 AM
Subject: namd-l: nvidia 275.09.07 driver
To: NAMD <namd-l_at_ks.uiuc.edu>

I recently got a two GTX-470
computer work perfectly for molecular dynamics simulations with

The simulations were launched from linux terminal, without calling the
X server. Command (as root, debian amd64 wheezy)

nvidia-smi -L

was first needed to activate the GTX 470 cards.

On 27Jun the system was upgraded from driver 270.41.19 to 275.09.07.
On rebooting, debian dkms did its job for the existing linux headers 2.6.38-2.

However, now the above NAMD-CUDA MD launching does not work any more.
Sincerely I can't say if the crash described below occurred
immediately after the driver upgrading, but the dates are very close.
Now, on launching MD as above described, the system hangs, the screen
shows blinking characters and letters, and the power must be shut
down. The log of the simulation says

CUDA error cudaStreamCreate on P2 0

which is a normal message of NAMD when the graphic boards are not
seen. However, the computer should not hang.

Launching NAMD-CUDA from a terminal window of gnome-2, the procedure
runs correctly.

I understand that this report fails to analyze correctly what happens.
It is a simple warning to see if other users had problems with
the new nvidia driver.


francesco pietra

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