Re: colvars PMF history problem

From: Ajasja Ljubetič (
Date: Mon Mar 07 2011 - 15:01:08 CST

> you just volunteered yourself to take care of that. the problem is that
> it is _so_ much additional work to make a code compatible with windows,
> particularly if you do not routinely run on or even use windows.
> unix-like machines are _so_ much more developer friendly.
Well, you are right of course, I'm dependent on the good will of other NAMD
developers (at least until someone offers a VIP paid support service:). For
now all I can contribute are bug reports and test cases (which, I hope, is
still better than nothing). Perhaps this takes 5 min to fix for some one
well versed in C++ and familiar with the NAMD source code, but I would need
much more time. And my PHD is due in a year and a half and time is almost
always the limiting factor...
(and I realize that almost every body else is under deadlines as well,
including NAMD developers).

Best regards,

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