Re: colvars PMF history problem

From: Nicholas M Glykos (
Date: Mon Mar 07 2011 - 11:14:40 CST

Hi Ajasja,

> I would really like to see NAMD and VMD work well on windows, even
> though some people here might think it a waste of time.

At least for NAMD, it probably is a waste of time, and possibly not just
for 'some people here'. In the latest top500 list, windoze stands at a
hefty 1%, compared with 96% for unix/GNU/Linux. This must be telling a
story to the people making the decisions about operating systems in
production machines. Having said that, if I only had access to windoze
machines, and if I was strictly not allowed to make them dual-boot, I
would also be following your path (after all, even using poorly a
computing machine for solving a problem, is much better than not using it
at all).

My twopence,

ps. May I just state the obvious for completeness: there was nothing
personal in my comments about windoze. I was passing judgement to the said
operating system as a research environment, not you.

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