4 x Opteron 12-core or 4 x Xeon 8-core ?

From: David McGiven (davidmcgivenn_at_gmail.com)
Date: Thu Jan 20 2011 - 05:59:13 CST

Dear NAMD Users,

We're going to buy a new server for HPC. It is going to run mainly
NAMD calculations.

Regarding NAMD performance, I'm wondering which one, you NAMD users
and developers, think will be faster.

AMD Server : 4 x AMD Opteron 6176 12-core 2.3 Ghz + 96GB Memory
(2GB / core)
Intel Server : 4 x Intel Xeon 8-core 2.66 Ghz + 64 GB RAM (2GB / core)

We normally run ~100k atom systems with PME and explicit water.

Which one would you recommend ?

Also, of course, AMD Server is cheaper. But we are mainly interested
on performance.


Best Regards,

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