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Date: Wed Jan 13 2010 - 07:35:03 CST

Dear Basu:
It is the OS's business rather than NAMD, the command to run namd is
(1) namd2  foo.conf                    # run namd2 in foreground
(2) namd2  foo.conf  >  foo.log        # run namd2 in foreground, and write the running informations to file 'foo.log'
(3) namd2  foo.conf  |  tee  foo.log   # run namd2 in foreground, and write the running informations to either stdout or file 'foo.log'. This is useful when you not sure weather the job would run all right.
(4) Adding '&' to the end of each command above, you will run it in background.

Some other process operating commands in *nix are:^C,^Z,top,ps,bg,fg et al.

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> Dear all,
> I want to run namd in background, but I can't do this. My configuration file is make. I give the command :
> ./namd2 "../../make" make.log&
> But the job is running in the foreground. Can you please tell me what is the appropriate syntax for running job in the background?
>  Please help.
>  Thanking you
> Ipsita Basu
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