compiling NAMD failed on windows with Cygwin

From: accomp lin (
Date: Sun Dec 28 2008 - 22:32:51 CST

Dear developer of NAMD:
I'm compiling NAMD on windows with Cygwin. I tried several time but failed. The problem is that i didn't set the directory of charm5.9, tcl, fftw in .arch file correctly. After making this right, I finally got the NAMD compling on progress. But I then I got the follows error:
-LE:\Mr.Lin\comp\NAMD_2.6_Source\tcl/lib -ltcl8.3 \
-LE:\Mr.Lin\comp\NAMD_2.6_Source\fftw/lib -lsrfftw -lsfftw \
obj/dcdplugin.o  \
-lm -o namd2
E:Mr.LincomNAMD_2.6_Sourcecharm-5.9/net-Cygwin/bin/charmc: not found
make: *** [namd2] Error 127
I browsed to the .../net-Cygwin/bin/ directory but I found a charmc link is actually there.
So what's my problem? Is that becasue some "\" is lacked in the command? Where can I find the command so I can add the "\" to it myself?
Please help
Thank you!
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